Ioana presents Kelani programs across the Greater Toronto Area and
 globally through community, corporate, fitness, and online platforms.  

Kelani Dance

With an emphasis on the first element of Kelani – connection to the hips - Kelani Dance is an uplifting Polynesian inspired, hip shaking, holistic dance-based program for every BODY.

Kelani brings the heat of the islands to your  hips. 

Kelani Spirit

With an emphasis on the second element of Kelani – connection to nature – Kelani Spirit transports participants on a journey through Polynesia utilizing visualization and moving meditation. 

Kelani Guided Meditation

With mindfulness and visualization, Ioana will guide you on a journey through mind, body, and spirit. Kelani Guided Meditation is based on the reverence Ioana’s Samoan ancestors have for humanity, community, nature and higher self.  

Kelani Experience

Kelani Experience is a two-hour event expanding in depth on all three elements of Kelani:

1. Connection to the hips
2. Connection to nature
3. Connection to humanity and higher self

Kelani Experience retreats coming soon!

Pilates with Ioana

With almost two decades of training and experience, Pilates is Ioana’s "first love" in fitness. Developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates method of “Contrology” focuses on core strength, flexibility, posture and more.