A World of Movement

Created by Ioana Aboumitri,
Kelani is mindful movement, visualization, and guided meditation
inspired by the Polynesian ancestral island of Samoa.

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About Kelani

Connecting to the hips, nature, and humanity

Spread Alofa

Kelani's mission is simple: Spread Alofa ('love' in Samoan).

The purpose is equally simple: Connection

These principles are based on the reverence Ioana’s ancestors have for humanity, community, nature and exploring their higher selves. 

Kelani utilizes mindful movement, visualization, and guided meditation inspired by the spirit and nature of Ioana’s Polynesian ancestral island of Samoa.


Meet Ioana


Ioana is the founder of Kelani. Descending from a ‘royal’ family in Samoa, her grandfather was the paramount chief of a region of the island. With a deep connection to her ancestors, Ioana’s mission is to spread their spirit, with Kelani as her vessel.

Ioana is a mother of three inspiring girls, two-time published author (currently working on her third project), registered holistic nutritionist, Pilates instructor, experienced public presenter, aspiring singer-songwriter (stay tuned) and world traveler.

She has also been featured on several media outlets including CTV News, CBC National News and Global News.

Ioana’s mission is simple:

Kelani Services


Ioana presents Kelani programs across the Greater Toronto Area and
 globally through community, corporate, fitness, and online platforms.  

Kelani Dance

With an emphasis on the first element of Kelani – connection to the hips - Kelani Dance is an uplifting Polynesian inspired, hip shaking, holistic dance-based program for every BODY.

Kelani brings the heat of the islands to your  hips. 

Kelani Spirit

With an emphasis on the second element of Kelani – connection to nature – Kelani Spirit transports participants on a journey through Polynesia utilizing visualization and moving meditation. 

Kelani Guided Meditation

With mindfulness and visualization, Ioana will guide you on a journey through mind, body, and spirit. Kelani Guided Meditation is based on the reverence Ioana’s Samoan ancestors have for humanity, community, nature and higher self.  

Kelani Experience

Kelani Experience is a two-hour event expanding in depth on all three elements of Kelani:

1. Connection to the hips
2. Connection to nature
3. Connection to humanity and higher self

Kelani Experience retreats coming soon!

Pilates with Ioana

With almost two decades of training and experience, Pilates is Ioana’s "first love" in fitness. Developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates method of “Contrology” focuses on core strength, flexibility, posture and more.  

Why choose Kelani?

Kelani is so much more than a wellness company. See what others are saying...

I walked into a new class with no expectations, and was overcome by your warmth, your fun spirit and the amazing energy that came from you. The class was also high energy physically, and fun, and I felt like you stayed connected with me the entire class. I love that classes are not at all serious, and giggles are welcome. I love how it pushes me physically.

— Marcia Talbot

Kelani Mover

I have known Ioana for many years, both as former VP of canfitpro, and currently as CEO of the Certified Coaches Federation. While I admire the fact that she wants to do good in the world and is well-grounded spiritually, I also deeply admire her work ethic and boundless energy in spreading the message of Kelani and Alofa. Ioana adds value wherever she goes.

— Rod Macdonald

CEO, Certified Coaches Corp.

I met Ioana when she started doing Pilates classes in her Mom's house in Windsor. She knew there was something in her that wanted more and that is when Kelani came to be. Inspiration from her native land, Ioana wanted people to feel the rhythm and moves of the Island. I love the music and moves, and no matter what, Ioana made you feel that there was no wrong way.

— Lisette Tujaka

Kelani Mover

Ioana ran a Kelani class at my regular studio in 2018. The movements, the music, her words, the stories she told - they all had rhythm and purpose. I absolutely got a great workout! The biggest surprise was the guided meditation at the end of the session, I have to admit that I was in tears for most of it, I have never felt so at peace with myself and my body.

— Alexandra M.

Kelani Mover

I have been to several of Ioana's Kelani classes. She is a vibrant, well educated, loving teacher. Ioana will take you on a journey that will make you laugh, cry, and feel loved all while you move your body like you didn't know you could. In the end I felt invigorated, inspired, empowered. My chakras were open and cleansed, especially my lower chakras.

— Jenn Prothero

Kelani Mover

Ioana turned out to be the most inclusive Instructor with the purest heart. It became a weekly obsession as I followed her from studio, to gym, to gymnasium. I got amazing results and improved balance, even adding a few impressive moves into my dance rotation. I am so pumped to have access to her beautiful heart and instruction with this online content.

— Michelle Lynn

Kelani Mover

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